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Pwnboxer Guide

Pwnboxer is the very best multiboxing software which offers a complete suite of instruments that will allow you to to quickly manage numerous video games at a single time on the single personal computer. If you are thinking about possessing your enemies in PVP combat, or if you are interested in creating numerous gold every day, then this software is for you personally. Being a novice or a pro, this software program will enable you to play your own army of characters concurrently.

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Imagine the power you may have at your fingertips controlling 5 Shaman. Cast 5 Chain Heals at the same time and show off your amazing power for your pals!

Broadcast your keystrokes from 1 game window to an additional. For example, in the event you press the Numpad5 crucial in Game #1, it’ll immediately deliver Numpad5 crucial to Game #2, #3, etc.

Broadcast your mouse from one game window to a different. Use Pwnboxer to broadcast your mouse click /click places from 1 game to another!

Intelligently procedure video games like Planet of Warcraft in your single Pc, enabling much less pricey methods the ability to run 3-5 video games at once! Pwnboxer has lots of built-in functions that will consider cases of video games for instance Globe of Warcraft and limit the amount of processing power they use, enabling you to get significantly even more efficiency out of the Computer!

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Monitor your World-wide-web connection. Pwnboxer has built-in network monitoring for you personally to understand exactly what your network latency overall performance is at any time! Pwnboxer is the best multiboxing software which offers a full suite of tools which will enable you to to easily control multiple games at a single time on a single computer.

Record your gaming. Pwnboxer has built-in video clip recording, enabling you to make use of practically any video clip codec offered to record yourself enjoying your games!

n-game web browser. With Pwnboxer you can in fact browse web pages Inside THE GAME! Play your audio or look at videos although you wait around to raid!

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