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How To Cure Chapping Of The Lips Naturally

If you would like to learn how to cure chapping of the lips naturally, then there are a few simple steps which can help get your lips looking healthy again. The lips are a very sensitive area which sometimes require extra care to keep them healthy. When neglected, extremes of temperature, particularly the cold weather, can cause painful chapping and splitting. Sometimes, other factors can be involved such as drooling or dribbling and nutritional deficiencies.

The unlike other areas of the body, the lips do not contain any oil or sweat glands. Nor do they have hair follicles or any pigmentation. The lips are red purely because the skin is so thin which allows the color of the blood vessels to show through.

The main causes of chapping of the lips include:-

* Regular and persistent licking of the lips
* Extremes of temperature
* Overuse of cosmetic exfoliators
* Habitual chewing or sucking of the lips
* Alleriges
* Lack of proper nutrition-particularly vitamin B
* Constant dribbling or drooling
* Breathing in and out of the mouth due to habit or a blocked nose

To cure chapping of the lips naturally, start off with regular moisturisation-both morning and night. Try shea butter or lanolin based creams (unperfumed). Try not to pick at any flaky or loose skin as this will inevitably be attached to healthy skin and this can be very painful indeed. Instead, gently exfoliate with a slightly damp flannel dipped in a little moisturising cream. Apply a lip balm frequently throughout the day. Honey and Vitamin E can also be very soothing and promote healing.

If you have had chapping of the lips for more than a couple of days, it is possible that the area has become infected and as a result, a bacterial or fungal infection has taken hold. When this happens, this is a recognised condition known as angular cheilitis which is a very stubborn condition which sometimes requires specialist treatment.

If you would like to look at pictures that can help you verify your own condition, you can download this simple and effective overnight cure from the Angular Chelitis Foundation. This cure will dry out the condition within hours, providing fast and permanent relief.

By this time tomorrow, the pain and soreness will be completely gone-indeed most people notice a significant improvement within a couple of hours. Using everyday ingredients which you are likely to have to hand, you will find it hard to believe the simplicity of this remedy is and yet how powerful and fast-acting it is.

Please visit Angular Cheilitis Treatment to learn how to cure chapping of the lips naturally.

About the author: Annie writes about a range of health conditions and their natural solutions. One of her elderly relatives suffered from Angular Cheilitis and this is how she came about finding the solution which she now recommends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do i cure angular cheilitis?
    Last week, i found this weird sore in the corner of my mouth and i thought it would go away over night.

    But it didn’t, i had it for almost two weeks now and it’s been bothering me. I picked on it a little but it just won’t budge.

    I did some research online and found out what i had was angular cheilitis which is a bacteria infection in the corner of your mouth.

    The question is, how do i cure that?
    I prefer Home remedies, i’m trying not to go the doctors

    • ANSWER:
      Thank you for emailing me about your question. I hope I don’t discourage you when I tell you “Angela” is right. You may have a condition with symptoms very similar to those of angular chelitis and only a health care provider would know the difference.

      During your research you may have discovered that AC is a chronic condition and an inflammatory condition. Two weeks isn’t long enough to call what you have chronic. AC is either fungal or bacterial. Fungal AC is caused by a fungus called Candida while bacterial AC is often Staph is nature. Typically, there’s painful fissuring (cracking) at the corners of the mouth along with ulcers and draining pus. The skin at the mouth corners may appear soft, puffy and red or there may crusty sores.

      So if you actually do have AC, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s fungal or bacterial unless you cultured it. Often oral Candidiasis (thrush) will be present too. If you have a white or yellowish-white coating on your tongue, the insides of your cheeks or somewhere else in your oral cavity and the white coating can’t be removed easily, you may have the Candidiasis that is often associated with AC. In this case, I’d be more inclined to believe outright that you have AC.

      Do you have any risk factors? Do you have excessive saliva? Do you lick your lips often? Is your immune system impaired in any way? Do you have diabetes? Do you have iron-deficiency anemia? Other dietary deficiencies — B-12 or B-1 — can be the cause.

      Since you wish to treat this by yourself, you can try a B complex supplement, a protective lip balm, avoid licking or picking at your lips and use the link below to find out what else others have used to treat it.


      If you see no improvement in the next 10 days, or if you see a worsening, please consult your doctor. Thanks again for contacting me and I wish you success.

    How to cure exfoliative cheilitis?
    Has anyone been diagnosed and cured of exfoliative cheilitis?If yes what measures need to be taken.Please help I am really desperate and depressed.This disease is spoiling my life.
    P.S.:Exfoliative cheilitis is a condition in which the skin on lips turns white and keeps on shedding itself in a cycle.

    • ANSWER:


      I just found this for you
      Try reading it and see if you might want to try it
      If I messed up the URL it was on www.curetime.com
      Under peeling lips
      I hope this is of help to you
      Best wishes

    Does anyone know how to cure angular cheilitis?
    angular cheilitis is when your lips get very dry and cracked. There are alot of websites calming to help you cure it in hours….problem is that it costs money for the “cure”
    does any one know what it is?
    angular cheilitis is NOT an acne problem!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, go here:


      I’m Bohemiatom. Contact me with any questions.

    What is the home remedy to cure angular cheilitis?
    I’ve read a bunch of articles that say there’s 2 ingredients used to make it but none of them tell me without having to pay . Can someone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Angular Cheilitis can sometimes be caused by fungal disease or malabsorption of some vital nutrients like B2, Iron and Zinc. Go see your doctor and he/she will probably recommend an anti-fungal cream as well as vitamins shots. If you want a more natural way, you need to treat this two ways, to cover all your bases. First with an anti-fungal supplement like Fungal Defense from Garden of Life (this has several herbs like oregano, basil, lemongrass, olive leaf and cinnamon bark as well as yucca juice and garlic juice), you can buy this online at: http://www.cnnutrition.com/en/product.php?find=GOL-A04-FDE-01-01. As far as the malabsorption of key vitamins and minerals: you need to get yourself a good multi-vitamin! Check out this one: http://www.cnnutrition.com/en/product.php?find=VTA-A05-VMC-01-01

    How to cure angular cheilitis (cracks at corners of the mouth)?
    I keep getting red cracked sores at the corners of my mouth. Anyone know a solution?

    • ANSWER:
      Angular Cheilitis Treatment #2
      If you truly wish to get rid of those crack at the corners of your mouth, then you should check out this treatment: Angular Cheilitis Solution, which was created by Claire Solby.

      In the Angular Cheilitis Solution, you use home ingredients to kill the bacteria in your lesions and to dry the cracks at the corner of the lips to prevent them from becoming infested with fungi.

      Check out this link to read more about this program: Angular Cheilitis Solution.


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